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My Beautiful wife Gerie and I,
Featured on the GWRRA Magazine Calendar
Carolyn and Laurence Brink

My Parents Carolyn and Laurence K. Brink

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This picture to the left was taken on Glendora Mountain Road (Southern. California) for a magazine called "Wing World" from the Goldwing Road Riders Assoc. This Picture was featured as the full page calendar of the magazine in September 2002. Another picture taken there was featured on the cover of their yearly (2003) "Gold Book" for the group, identifying all it's world wide members as you travel for assistance or information in the area you are traveling through.

It was a lot of fun having these pictures done, but it was very COLD that day. It was suppose to be a hot (75-80 degrees), but was 42 degrees taking those pictures and a strong breeze made it even colder.


My Mother Carolyn McCarron Brink (Passed Away 2011) and My Father Laurence K. Brink Jr.

I truly thank them for everything they have done for me.


I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone for their calls/cards, e-mails and prayers for my speedy recovery from my June 13, 2007 on duty Police Motorcycle accident. I appreciate the support from the My Family, the Ham radio community and my friends/co-workers during this long ordeal.

I would also like to thank the CHP officers on scene, Los Angeles County Fire Dept/Paramedics, Los Angles County Sheriff's Dept, and my motor partners who help save my life. A special thanks goes to CHP Officer Scott Riley of East LA CHP Station who kept me alive until the paramedics arrived. The Trauma Dr's said my injuries were extremely serious and that Scott saved my life. I may have died without Scott's intervention to keep me breathing. My injuries from the accident were Numerous broken ribs (all my left side ribs broken, half are now over lapping and will never be the same), Punctured Spleen, a Punctured/Collapsed lung (lungs filled up with 800 CC's of blood removed at hospital), Broken Scapula (Shoulder Blade), bruised kidneys and other internal organs, road rash, scares and damage to both of my knees.

I had knee surgery in Jan 2008 to repair my Meniscus on my right knee, and they found that my ACL was hanging on by a thread.

I had another surgery (May 30, 2008) on my right knee. I had to have total ACL replacement (with a cadaver ligament) and reconstruction as well as another repair to my Meniscus due to it being damaged from the ACL not being there. The Dr. also had to repair my Patella as it was damaged as well, AGAIN.

I returned to work in Dec 2008. I hope that this surgery will be the last one.

I am as well as can be expected from this major accident. This accident almost cost me my life from a 19 year old female driver not paying attention and hitting me on the freeway on my Police Motorcycle. Her car was in a 45 degree angle as she came across in front of me in my lane . She said she did not want a ticket for being solo in the car pool lane and saw another officer up the freeway (She did not see me next to her) and she wanted to get out of the car pool lane illegally over the double/double yellow lines hitting me!! Oh she said she was solo in the car pool lane because she did not want to be late for work and that she does it all the time!!!????!!!!! (Hello....Leave earlier for work!!!!)